7 Vegan Fast-Food Restaurants With Kids' Meals

The most iconic kids’ meal in the fast-food business has to be the McDonald’s Happy Meal. But, while the fast-food giant has a vegan kids’ meals in the UK, in the US, they are nonexistent (currently, anyway—our fingers are still firmly crossed). But this doesn’t mean your little ones have to miss out on some tasty vegan fast food. The chains below offer kids’ meals that are animal-free, better for the planet, and ultra-satisfying.

Can you eat fast food as a vegan?

Some mainstream fast-food chains don’t have an abundance of vegan options on the menu, especially in America. But that said, if you’re heading to McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s. Jr, or any of the other popular chains, you might be able to swing some plant-based meals. Check out our nine vegan hacks for your favorite fast-food restaurants here. You can also find all of our vegan fast-food guides here (there’s even one for Arby’s!).

But there’s also a totally vegan fast-food industry growing, too—which is great news for the younger plant-based eaters, as many of these totally animal-free chains offer delicious vegan kids’ meals. Keep reading for all the information you need.

Where to buy vegan fast-food kids’ meals

VegNews.veganfastfoodkidsmeals.veggiegrillVeggie Grill

1 Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill’s kids’ menu is specifically for those aged 10 and under, and it includes one dessert and one side option, too. Your little ones can choose from a veggie burger, mac and cheese, a Chik’n taco, a quesadilla, and chik’n tenders from this totally vegan chain, which has locations in California, New York, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Sweet options include cookies, carrot cake, and chocolate cake.
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VegNews.veganfastfoodkidsmeals.plntburgerPLNT Burger

2 PLNT Burger

New York-based PLNT Burger has curated a special menu for “cool kids,” which is “packed with ingredients that are not just good for your health but also for the planet.” The Cosmic Kids Meal includes a choice of burger, cheeseburger, or link, and comes with a small fries and a small drink, too. If your child has a sweet tooth, PLNT Burger also offers a soft serve and an “Oatasty” shake.
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VegNews.VeganMcDonalds.MrCharliesMr. Charlie’s

3 Mr. Charlie’s

For kids who love Happy Meals but aren’t a big fan of animal products, there’s Mr. Charlie’s. This California chain offers its own take on the fast food giant’s iconic kids’ meals, which are called Frowny Meals. But don’t let the name fool you, these meals will make your little ones happier than ever. Choose from options like the Mini Frowny Meal Not a Cheeseburger and the Mini Frowny Meal Not a Hamburger.
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VegNews.veganfastfoodkids.nextlevelNext Level Burger

4 Next Level Burger

Vegan burger chain Next Level Burger has something for the “kiddos” at all of its locations, which can be found in Oregon, California, Colorado, New York, Texas, and Washington, with more opening soon. Options include the Kid Burger, which features a Smash patty on an organic bun, Kid Nuggets, and Kid Grilled Chz.
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VegNews.veganfastfoodkidsmeals.metaburgerMeta Burger

5 Meta Burger

If you’re in Colorado and you’ve got hungry mouths to feed, check out one of Meta Burger’s three locations in the state. The plant-based chain has three options specifically for kids: nuggets, burgers, and mac and cheese. All are served with fries and apple juice.
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VegNews.veganfastfoodkidsmeals.sluttyveganSlutty Vegan

6 Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan’s much sought-after burgers, hot dogs, and fries are not just for adults. The chain, which has multiple locations across Georgia, as well as spots in New York, Atlanta, and Texas, has two options for little ones: the Eat Plants Kids Cheeseburger and the Eat Plants Kids Chik’n Tenders. Both come with a side of fries or a fruit cup and apple juice.
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VegNews.veganfastfoodkidsmeals.montysgoodburgerMonty’s Good Burger

7 Monty’s Good Burger

California-based Monty’s Good Burger is a go-to amongst grown-ups, and they also cater to kids, too, so it’s set to become your child’s new favorite place. The Kid’s Meal option consists of a grilled cheese, a choice of fries or tots, and a dipping sauce. For an extra treat, the chain also offers shakes and cookies, too.
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