9 Vegan Luxury Must-Try Treats: From Caviar to Filet Mignon

We’re living in the golden age of veganism, and as we close another year, we’re soaking in all the luxury. From cruelty-free foie gras to truffle-infused everything, plant-based bites have never been so grand. VegNews editors tapped into the world of the ultra-rich in search of the most lavish eats, and these are our nine favorites.

VegNews.JuicyMarblesFiletMignonJuicy Marbles

1 Juicy Marbles Filet Mignon

Leave this year’s dried-out tofu roasts to the Ghost of Christmas Past, and treat your holiday dinner guests to one of the most lavish cuts of meat: filet mignon—made from plants! This first-of-its-kind creation boasts fatty marbling, an unctuously velvety center, and crisp crust for an aromatic, meaty medallion that shreds and tastes just like the real thing, thanks to a blend of wheat, soy, and beets. We’re not just celebrating the holidays—we’re celebrating a new era of vegan meat. So pass the compound butter.
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2GAIA Faux Gras

All the rumors are true: everything and anything can be made vegan—even foie gras. GAIA’s cruelty-free pâté achieves its signature taste with fizzy champagne, luxe truffles, sea salt, and cheesy nooch, making for a slightly sweet, peppery flavor worth relishing. For an even more festive treat, look for the cranberry-infused variety.
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VegNews.MisakyCandyMisaky Tokyo

3 Crystal Candy Treats

Radiant rubies, sparkling diamonds, and glossy emeralds help us dress to impress. But if you’re looking to make jaws drop—and taste buds spin—forget the gemstones and go for these handmade crystal treats from Japanese confectionery Misaky Tokyo. Delicate jade, amber, and ruby crystal shells encase sweet, chewy centers, each getting a dazzling hue and punch of flavor from earthy matcha, citrusy yuzu, or a tropical blend of passion and dragon fruits.
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VegNews.VeganLiqour.Licor43Licor 43

4Licor 43 Boozy Horchata

From the cobblestone streets of Spain to the bustling cities of Latin America, cool and creamy horchata has long been enjoyed all across the world. Rice milk, and even ground sesame seeds, are known to impart the drink’s signature taste, but tiger nuts—the ancient Egyptian tuber so revered it was buried with pharaohs and high-ranking officials—form the original base of the beloved bev with North African roots. Layered with notes of citrus and a medley of spices, Licor 43’s boozy tiger nut iteration is so silky, that it’s fit for royals.
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VegNews.RenegadeCharcuterieBoard.VeroniaDarrahRenegade Foods

5Renegade Foods Plant-Based Salami

Pop a bottle of bubbly and rinse off your finest serving trays: ‘tis the season for holiday hosting. So make your party appetizers a breeze with plant-based salami perfect for Instagrammable charcuterie boards. Start with cubes of Smoky Salami Soppressata, add a few slices of Spicy Chorizo for kick, and don’t forget the pairs-with-anything Sweet Salami Toscana. Just add your choice of cheese, nuts, fresh fruits, crackers, spreads, and voilà—it’s time to get the party started.
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6 SriMu Artisanal Cheese

Grocery stores are stocked to the brim with next-level vegan cheese, and while we’ve thankfully kissed the rubbery, dairy-free options of yesteryear goodbye, SriMu’s Los Angeles-made wheels deserve the red carpet treatment. The boutique brand’s artisans blend cashews, Irish moss, and active cultures with liquid smoke, onion, garlic, truffles, and spirulina for luscious bites reminiscent of funky bleus and woodsy Camemberts. Grab some crackers and welcome to the vegan cheese renaissance.
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7Cavi-Art Seaweed Caviar

Once reserved exclusively for medieval British monarchs, caviar is given a vegan, fishless reimagining for all to devour. Seaweed extract forms the base of these popping pearls rich in omega-3s before they’re seasoned with cayenne pepper, dill, leek, and turmeric. Scoop onto lightly browned toast with a schmear of sour cream or savor a spoonful and allow the taste of luxury to melt in your mouth.
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Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 4.28.33 PMDelicious & Sons

8Delicious & Sons Orange Saffron Aioli

Look out mayonnaise, aioli is here to steal the holiday party spotlight. Don’t settle for plain, boring mayo when you can reach for this thick, garlicky condiment featuring hints of orange and fragrant saffron (the most expensive spice in the world). Revitalize meaty holiday leftovers with crispy French baguettes, a generous slather of aioli, and tender butter lettuce. Don’t forget the dollop of cranberry sauce.
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9Truff Black Truffle Oil

Gourmands worldwide share an insatiable hunger for a taste of truffles, but you don’t have to go bankrupt or forage the forest floor to elevate your dishes with the umami-rich fungi. Add a touch of elegance to buttery, movie night popcorn and savory date night pastas with a drizzle of this olive oil infused with real black winter truffles. Turning everyday favorites into Michelin-worthy fare with just a few drops? Talk about liquid gold.
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