These 13 Restaurants in the US Serve Up Some of the Best Sushi—Hold the Fish

Sushi first hit the Californian dining scene in the 1960s, and since then, it has only increased in popularity across the US. The Japanese dish, which dates back centuries and likely started as a street food, is traditionally made with white rice and raw fish. But over the years, chefs have gotten increasingly experimental with this bite-sized favorite. Nowadays, you can find Americanized versions, like the California roll (which features avocado and crab), in most sushi spots in the US. And vegan sushi is also more popular than ever.

Vegan sushi rises in popularity in the US

According to Food52, sushi likely made its debut in the US in the late ’60s in Los Angeles. A Little Tokyo dining spot, called Kawafuku Restaurant, was the first to serve the Japanese delicacy, and it was a hit. The restaurant inspired a handful of others to follow suit, and eventually, this spiraled into a nationwide boom in the Japanese dining scene in the US.

Fast-forward to 2023, and research suggests there are nearly 16,000 sushi restaurants across America, and nearly five million US consumers regularly indulge in the dish. But in recent years, as more people have shifted their diets away from animal products (more than half of young Americans now identify as flexitarian), fish-free sushi has become more commonplace. 

While the simple cucumber avocado roll has been around for decades, restaurants are now upping their vegan game and experimenting with plant-based ingredients in new and creative ways. They’re making vegan crab from mushrooms, for example, or eel from eggplants—when it comes to vegan sushi, the limit does not exist.

Where to find vegan sushi in the US: 13 restaurants to try

Want to find the best places to sample delicious vegan sushi for yourself? We’ve got you. Check out just a few of our favorite picks below.

VegNews.vegansushi.beyondsushiBeyond Sushi

1 Beyond Sushi

New York City, NY

This popular chef-driven vegan sushi hotspot opened its first location back in 2012 and has since expanded to three thriving Manhattan restaurants. Expect to find every single type of vegan sushi you could desire—and then some. Don’t skip on other delicious Asian-inspired favorites like Chick’n Banh Mi and Smoked Oyster Mushroom Bao too.
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VegNews.vegansushi.shojinShojin Organic and Natural

2 Shojin Organic and Natural

Los Angeles and Culver City, CA

Led by Hiroshima-born Executive Chef Jun Matoshiro, everything at this California two-unit restaurant chain is organic, vegan, gluten-free, macrobiotic, natural, and “made with love.” Dine in or take out depending on your mood, and make sure to indulge in some of Shojin’s Signature Rolls, like Saturday Night Fever, which features slightly torched mushroom crab, or the Crunchy Tiger, which features avocado wrapped soy chicken.
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VegNews.bluesushisakegrillsushiBlue Sushi Sake Grill

3 Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Multiple locations

This sushi chain isn’t vegan, but it offers an impressive range of animal-free options. Snack on starters like edamame or cucumber sunomono while you wait for the main event, which includes vegan sushi options like Kaluna with plant-based tuna, Inari with fried tofu, Unami with eggplant eel, and avocado nigiri.
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4 Shizen

San Francisco, CA

Shizen is a must-visit if you’re in San Francisco. The fully vegan sushi bar and izakaya combines “classic shojin and sushi techniques with local, seasonal ingredients” to create its flavor-packed menu. Choose from classic nigiri and rolls, like avocado and California, as well as a wide range of specialty options, like the Open Invitation with pumpkin tempura or the Colonel’s Pipe with smoked beets.
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VegNews.vegansushi.chefkennysChef Kenny’s

5 Chef Kenny’s Vegan Dim Sum

Las Vegas, NV

As the name suggests, this is the place to go in Las Vegas if you’re in the mood for some vegan dim sum. But the extensive vegan menu at Chef Kenny’s also includes plenty of delicious sushi, too. Choose from options like Vegan Eel Nigiri, Mushroom Nigiri, and Vegan Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls.
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6 Tane

Honolulu, HI and Berkeley, CA

Made with vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, and flowers, Tane’s sushi is as beautiful-looking as it is delicious. its unique menu includes options like Sunset, which is made with spicy tofu and seaweed pearls, and Kailua, which features ginger shoyu tomato and pickled mango.
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VegNews.vegansushi.wellnesssushiWellness Sushi

7 Wellness Sushi

Denver, CO

Right now, Wellness Sushi—which recently made Yelp’s list of 100 Top Places to Eat in the US—has just one spot in Denver, but it’s looking to open a second location very soon. And, if you like the sound and taste of its diverse, flavorful menu (with options like Krunchy Krab Maki Rolls and Teriyaki Beef Onigiri) you can actually help that happen by investing (find out more here!).
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8 Planta

Multiple locations

Vegan diners across the US can indulge in the delicious sushi options at Planta, because this popular plant-based chain has locations in multiple cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago. You won’t be disappointed with options like Ahi Watermelon Nigiri, Spicy Tuna Rolls, and so much more.
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9 Ma-Kin

Agoura Hills, CA

Ma-Kin is on a mission to become “the best vegan restaurant in Agoura Hills,” and we’d say it’s making good on that goal. Put it to the taste test for yourself and try mouthwatering dishes like Philly Tempura Rolls, Baked Lobster Rolls, and Dragon. The latter is made with seared sweet tofu, shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, and eel sauce.
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10 Daikon Vegan Sushi

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas isn’t short of tasty plant-based treats, but for vegan sushi lovers, Daikon should be on the list of restaurants to check out. Start your meal with a fragrant bowl of miso soup and crunchy edamame, before moving on to a banquet of simple, classic sushi options, like Cucumber Rolls and Pickled Carrot Rolls, and more inventive creations, like the Hot Girl Roll (with jalapeños and spicy vegan tuna).
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VegNews.vegansushi.stickyriceSticky Rice

11 Sticky Rice

Washington, DC

Head to Sticky Rice in DC to get your fix of delicious, expertly crafted vegan sushi. Or, if you feel like doing things DIY, the restaurant also sells its own At Home Sushi Chef Kits. Note that this spot isn’t totally vegan, so make sure to double-check check your order is animal-free.
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12 Cha-Ya

San Francisco, CA

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Cha-Ya is an all-vegan restaurant specializing in the best of Japanese cuisine. Check out the extensive (and delicious) sushi selection, of course, but also make sure not to skip over other tasty options, like the Senroppon Shredded Salad and Agedashi Tofu.
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13 Franchia

New York City, NY

This popular vegan café offers every type of food you could possibly crave. There are dumplings, crab cakes, ramen, Malaysian curry, and meatballs, for example. And of course, there’s plenty of sushi. Choose from options like the Tropical Mango and Avocado Roll, the Spicy Chicken Roll, and the classic California Roll.
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